Mar 01
SHOUTrds took 50% off the price and is now available for €25,-- ($25,--).

SHOUTcast released version 2.0, SHOUTrds released version 2.5 so a good time to get the new version of SHOUTrds for a lower price!

Click the Purchase link above to goto the share-it page, you can choose your favorite payment method.

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Aug 14
Today SHOUTrds version 2.5 (build 253) has been released!

You can now use SHOUTrds with Twitter, OtsAV and SAM Broadcaster.
SHOUTcast 2.0 support was added and it can send RDS texts to MULTIPLE streams!
For the complete feature list check the homepage.

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Jul 15
As we are in the progress of releasing SHOUTrds 2.5, we have made available our version 1 series, for those who want a cheaper copy of SHOUTrds with less features (for those who don't need a scheduler and all advanced stuff).

Check the Version 1 page here.

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May 20
Currently I'm working arround the clock to get the 2.5 version of SHOUTrds ready.

In this version a few new features are added, bugfixes are done and changes are made.

New features

These are the most important new features:

+ Support for SHOUTcast 2.0 (beta).
+ Support for SAM Broadcaster.
+ RDS2Twitter to send RDS to Twitter.
+ MultiStream technology to stream to multiple streams.
+ A logfile for debugging.

Changes made

The Server Configuration is moved from the main form to an own dialog.
A dialog to show Server Status is added.
The scheduler no longer shows "* Is not a valid integer value" on sorting the items.
Textsender (the thing that sends the RDS) and Scheduler now have their own threads to prevent "hanging".
The options to send text to MSN and to read OtsDJ songinfo have been moved to an own dialog "More Options".
Sound, Graphics and Error Handling can be turned off inside the program (More Options dialog).


Click to enlarge.

The new main form
This is how the new mainform looks like.

Log dialog
This is the log dialog, it's not styled.

More Options dialog
This is the More Options dialog, from here you can change Ots, SAM, MSN, Twitter and the global settings.

This is the SAM Settings dialog to configure SAM settings.

Server Configuration dialog
This is the new Server Configuration dialog, from here you can configure your SHOUTcast server settings.

Server Status dialog
This is the ServerStatus dialog showing which RDS line is being sent to which server.

Twitter Settings dialog
This is the new Twitter Settings dialog, from here you can configure your Twitter Settings.

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Apr 09
Today the website is updated!

Backwards compatible with Google

Added "redirects" to the site so old hyperlinks to the old pages will remain "working".


SHOUTrds has it's own Twitter account! It's tweets are shown on the brand new Twitter page!

Status on SHOUTrds 2.5

- SAM Broadcaster support is up-and-running!
- SHOUTcast 2.0 Beta 1 support is up-and-running!
In Beta 1 of SHOUTcast 2.0 the 7.html file is removed, this file is used by many radio stations to get their stream title (current-song) on the website. The SHOUTrds scripts also use this 7.html, we are working on a way to bypass the 7.html and use the index.html instead.

Keep you posted!

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Apr 02
Currently SHOUTrds 2.5 is being developed!

Some new features include:

- SHOUTcast 2.0 (beta) support.
- The scheduler is being rewritten.
- SAM Broadcaster support.
- Logging for better support.

- Some (bug) fixes and improvements.

It's currently unkown when the new SHOUTrds 2.5 will be released.

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Mar 26
Long time not so much happened arround here but now and are back with a brand new website design!

SHOUTcast 2.0

Finally, finally SHOUTcast 2.0's first beta is released a few days ago, so that means that soon there will be a new version of SHOUTrds with some new features and of cource SHOUTcast 2.0 support!

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Aug 05
The IceCast and TextFile coder have been updated to version 1.1 to supoort SHOUTrds 2.*.

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Jul 25
SHOUTrds 2.1 is available for download! (See the patches section).


Creating a schedule on all days showed an "# is not a valid integer value" error.
The progressbar could get "out of range" after 23:59h
The last three columns in the scheduler form are now hidden.
SHOUTcast didn't accept passwords containing special characters.
It's now possible to change the way $ots$ is shown.

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May 27
Get SHOUTrds plugins in the "Plugins and Tools" section.

Two plugins are uploaded in the upcomming days:

  • An ICECast plugin to use SHOUTrds with ICECast aswell!

  • A TextFile plugin to use SHOUTrds with common RDS hardware!

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May 26
The full version of SHOUTrds 2 is released! Get it now!

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May 24
See how to display realtime RDS on your website in the "RDS on your website" section!

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May 21
A forum is online! (Discuss about the program (bugs, suggestions or just general talk)).

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May 17
The demo version of SHOUTrds 2.0 is released!

"Host", "Port", "Password" and "Add" textboxes where not disabled while running RDS.
“Server is currently down” message added.
Added a scheduler, create schemes to show different texts on different times!
Possible to edit added texts.
Possible to set time per text.
Added a skin (Designed by: DirectXD).

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May 15
Today I have registered two domain names:

So the website could be found easylier;)

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